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Guru Puja

I thought I already did this. Maybe I’m repeating myself. I was certain I posted an audio of Swami Sarvaganada singing Guru Puja.

Well, if it be repetition that’s okay. Mantra, after all.

This is how I learned it:

Guru Puja

1 Akhand-Mandalakaram
Vyaptam yena characharam.
Tatpadam darshitam yena
Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah.

Akhand – unfragmented
Mandalakaram – one infinite whole
vyaptam – pervades
yena – by which
characharam – movable & immovable
Tadpadam – That state
darshitam – has shown
yena – by whom
tasmai – to that
Shri – glorious;
Guruve – guru, teacher
Namah – my salutations.

My Salutations to that Guru who revealed to me that Truth, which is unfragmented, infinite, timeless divinity, and which pervades the entire universe – movable or unmovable.

2 Agyan timir-andhasya
Gyananjan Shalakaya.
Chakhur-oonmeelitam yena
Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah.

Agyan – Ignorance
timir – cataract
andhasya – blinded
Gyananjan – medicinal collyrium
Shalakaya – collyrium stick
Chakshur – my eyes
oonmilitam – opened
yena – by whom
tasmai – to that
Shri – glorious
Guruve – Guru
Namah – my salutations.

My Salutations to that reverential teacher, who opened my eyes, by applying the divine collyrium of self-knowledge in my eyes, which had got blinded by the cataract of ignorance.

3 Gurur-Brahma Gurur-Vishnu Gurur-Devo Maheshwarah
Guru Eva Para-Brahma
Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah.

Gurur Brahma – Guru the Creator
Gurur Vishnu– Guru the Sustainer
Devo – the divine
Maheshwarah – the Destroyer
Eva – certainly
Para-Brahma – the transcendental divinity (which is the very basis of all the three)
tasmai – to that
Shri – glorious
Guruve – Guru
Namah – my salutations

Guru himself is the creator, sustainer and the destroyer. He is verily the very transcendental divinity, (the timeless life-principle, which is the very essence of the creator etc.) My reverential salutations to that glorious teacher.

Here is a bunch of Margiis singing performing Guru Puja after group meditation-

I find it more creeping into my thoughts in these days. Unasked, unbidden; received with gratitude. Expressed with undeniable expansion of the heart.

The pictures posted here are for color, visual candy. In my heart Guru Puja has always been a communication between myself that that which is infinite, beyond form. Not that this is different from however you experience it.

In the end, it is your heart, your inner nature, your Buddha-hood, your God-self that is the issue, is it not?

Bless you on your journey.

The Mantra which calms all suffering:

(In the heart sutra it says:

Therefore the mantra of transcendent knowledge, the mantra of deep insight, the unsurpassed mantra, the incomparable mantra, the mantra which calms all suffering should be known as truth, for there is no deception.)

In transcendent knowledge the mantra is proclaimed:


Japanese rendering of the mantra:


English rendering of the mantra:


I can find no Samkrta manuscript of the Heart Sutra-

so here is the mantra in Chinese calligraphy

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A favorite topic at Moonsoup.

This post includes audio excerpts read by Tessa Morgan.

Sound bites for a feast of the soul.

Also, instead of my usual download link

I’m using the WordPress Audio Player, just for a change.

For an interesting summary of the Upanishads go here.

Just click the “play” icon for each section-

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Father’s Day, 2010

Happy Father’s Day, all you fathers. May your day be sweet. May you forgive yourself for all the things, big and small, that cause you shame and suffering. May you be at peace.

In My Life, part 1

Father's Day has always been a little uncomfortable for me

My relationship with fatherhood is complicated. It’s complicated in origin- my dad was a good man plagued by bad demons. He could not be the father he wanted to be.  It’s complicated also in it’s fruition of the parenthood experience- I am the parent of a dead girl, a suicide. I can’t claim to have been the father I wanted to be.

My dad struggled. He was deeply guilty, shamed by his mistakes. For many years I resented him. It took me a long time to see him as a “man”- subject to error and utterly worthy of absolution. I am so glad I came to understand that before he died. I am so sorry he died so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to really tell him. In the end, I was proud of him for everything he endured and overcame. I pray he is at peace.

My sons would probably disagree with my eligibility to wear the above button. I would have to say that over all, I’ve done a good job; certainly the best I knew how. Still, in my heart, I feel that I have failed deeply in ways that are both vital and obscure.

Maybe we all fail. Maybe none of us can claim honestly

to have passed every test.

But wait! There’s more! In truth I have gained more peace as time moves along. Not just the peace of dimming memory but peace that comes from perspective. I see the essential rightness of even my worst mistakes. Like I said,

It’s complicated.

Tripler- click for full size, as usual

I was born in Tripler Army Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. My father was in the US Navy. He served aboard the class of ships referred to as “Destroyers”. His job, as a Gunner’s Mate and later a Chief Gunner’s Mate, eventually killed him. (He died over 30 years later from Mesothelioma). My dad was often gone during the first 5 years of my life. He would be “at sea”. That left my mom, bless her heart, to care for the 4 of us kids. She was tired. It was hard. It was probably harder and more tiring because she drank. Drinking enabled her to tune out my incessant crying (“colic”- my dad says I had the 6 month colic for 3 years but that it didn’t affect him much because he “would be at sea”.) My earliest memories are of standing in my crib, crying, and no one would come to pick me up or hold me. My oldest memories of my mom are of her seated at our cheap dining room table with a glass and a bottle of wine. Anyway, the thing is (this is the thing), I’ve been wanting to do some storytelling. As a subject, I find my life to have been extraordinarily interesting. This most likely means that it has been remarkably average.  As average stories go, it has been chock full of twists, drama and dark humor; all the elements of a reasonably good strory. This is the start.

I just got a call from my oldest son. He lives near San Fransisco. He called to say “Happy Father’s Day”. I really can’t fault myself too much. He is the nicest, best, most gentle man I know. My younger son is also wonderful- smart, funny, creative and caring. They are both excellent men.

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No problem.



Big Pharm

10 Search Engines you’ve never heard of

that will open up a whole new world of information

that you never really needed anyway

Very Bad Idea:

Van Gogh Cake:

Medical afflictions-

The following is a short story by the American novelist and short story writer Sherwood Anderson (1876-1941). It was included in The Best American Short Stories of the Century (John Updike-Editor)

“I am in love with my wife,” he said–a superfluous remark, as I had
not questioned his attachment to the woman he had married. We walked
for ten minutes and then he said it again. I turned to look at him. He
began to talk and told me the tale I am now about to set down.

01-02 The Other Woman – Sherwood Anderson

(click on above to download audio book/ short story of

The Other Woman by Sherwood Anderson)

Click below for full size-

Little Lulu cartoon: Chick and Double Chick

This video doesn’t exist

The Great War caricature map- click for full–

Greek Myths- click 4 big

updated classic-

Listen up, settle down, chill out

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Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

“The Bemaraha National Park, situated in the west of Madagascar, has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. And for good reason… 752 km² of breathtaking scenery with this incredible stone forest known as the Tsingy.
From the Malagasy word “mitsingitsignia”, which means ‘to walk on tiptoe’, the term Tsingy has been accepted in common language to denote the exceptional topography. This topography of eroded limestone may exist in other areas around the world, but nowhere as tall, slender and extensive as the spires here.
Beneath this apparent austerity, an extraordinary world of forest canyons, humid caves and burning karst karren is inhabited by fundamentally differing plants and animals who thrive in close proximity.”
some links:
National Geographic-
google maps-
(type Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park into Google Earth- wowza)

click for full size

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Mid-week Silliness

No reason. No theme. Just pictures; some move; click for full size especially if the picture appears to be unrecognizable or doesn’t animate, etc.

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