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Last week’s show is now archived

Radio program last Friday, after that incredible full harvest moon, is now available under the MLBM tab above. Yay! It was a great show, sandwiched in the middle of the kboo Coltrane marathon.

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Radio Night

Mad Liberation by Moonlight- Mental Health consumer-talk-radio,
Friday night, 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. (Pacific Time)-September 24th, 2010.
Topic: Art, Creativity and Mental Health
(or whatever you bring to the table)
On KBOO 90.7 FM or streamed on the web:
Call in at 503-231-8187 to be on the radio (or show up at the studio).
We need your voice! There are people listening (all over the world, by
You can do this! Be a radio star, or just call in and talk.
Before and after the show will be the annual KBOO John Coltrane Marathon.
Regarding Coltrane, I came across this excerpt from a study on creativity and
mental health:
Anxiety disorders
Two subjects (5%), Art Pepper and John Coltrane, appeared to have anxiety
disorders. Art Pepper carried out obsessive–compulsive washing rituals and
had phobic anxiety regarding the sight of blood, hospital operations and
answering the telephone. John Coltrane exhibited obsessive–compulsive
features related to excessive practising, consumption of sweet foods,
dieting, searching for the perfect mouthpiece and constantly exploring
various religions. In relation to Coltrane, it is interesting to note that
obsessionality can have an adaptive function in creativity, and Storr (1972)
discusses the use of ritual to induce a suitable state of mind.
Archived shows are available at
Be well,
Remember: Call 503-231-8187
between 1 and 2 am (Pacific Time)
Tonight, Friday night
set your alarm

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Botswana guitar style.

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September 1st, 2010

Second day of not feeling well. Yesterday I felt like I was swimming through Jello all day long. Today starts much the same. A sensation of weariness, unwellness, being generally unsatisfactory in all realms. Normally I would attribute these sensations to diabetic issues such as prolonged high blood sugar (something I have a great deal of experience with, as I am a Type 1 diabetic). But, no, blood sugar has been between 90 and 150 all week; good for me, very good.

Work today will involve first a group in the 50 building on “problem solving”. Not actually a topic I proposed but the good people in charge of the 50 Bldg Treatment Mall misunderstood my proposal. So it goes.

As everything feels hard but still I am functioning, I ask myself: “who is dragging this corpse around?” Not me, I assure you. I am pooped out.

Blah blah blah- wait- something good: My friend Arthur (who was once known as Arun) sent me a book by Robert Rankin. Something new to look at (not that I don’t have many books).

I need to review some things, pray/ meditate: not necessarily in that order; before my group. Today will be busy. Not one moment unscheduled it seems. Whomsoever it is that is walking me through this world can do what they want with me, as usual. I’ll try to just watch.


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