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I am a lucky man

with 2 wonderful sons and a wife I have loved for 25 1/2 years, who I hope to love another 25, at least. I have never wanted any other life but mine, although I have been at times depressed and suicidal. That’s no contradiction, just another element in what has and continues to be a very rich life.

Two boys, grown to be sweet, good men.

A life partner I have always cherished, my greatest teacher and friend.

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Mad Liberation by Moonlight- 
KBOO monthly mental health talk show.
Four plus years of bringing the voice of 
mental health consumer/ survivors to community
radio!Tonight, August 19th! at 1:00 am! 
(so, early on the 20th if you want to be a stickler)
All the same details as usual: KBOO 90.7 fm in Portland 
or streamed on the web at
Call in at 503-231-8187 to be on the radio 
(or show up at the studio). Don't worry- no
one can see you! It's Radio!
Topics are whatever you want to talk about- 
how about kindness? Wouldn't that be
Tell your story of hope and healing.
If you are like me and don't stay up that late, 
set your alarm and see if it doesn't
grab your attention. If we can't keep you awake, 
then go back to sleep.
If you want to listen to some past shows, 
they can be found here-
You are already a star. Show the world. KBOO 90.7 FM, 
Tonight, Friday night from 1 to 2
am, call us at 503-231-8187.
Come on- it'll be fun.

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I didn’t do the radio program last week, although the moon was literally full when the show should have been on. I just wasn’t prepared. It snuck up on me. I’m getting old, tired, ad I deeded to geddup in the mording.


Next week, olroight?

And it’s been months since I updated the archives, though I have the recordings around somewhere. Time is getting away from me. Good old time. Slippery devil.

You can see what it looked like here. The moon that is.

Blizzard, our blind cat, "looks" out the window, click for big

Time, though is hard to catch with a photo. Best example I’ve seen this week:


So, what else is new? Besides everything? Yesterday I took off from work, had a rather bad day. Shoulda gone to work.

Today: tired, listless (now where did I put that list??), slow.  God buzz in my head says, “it’s okay, roll widit”. Relationship problems- one key to destroying the ego. Journaled about it. Had some ideas.

slower than above…

Bachmann Close-up... click big at your own peril...

Have a kitten at home:

Matt with Lilith, click for big, as if.



Don't eat that! They are tricking you!!

click for big, yo. always.

Info-porn- click for big.

Life- One big family, evolving

worth clicking for big...

these are also worth the big shot…

So, what am I doing? Just posting a bunch of pictures I came across? Yeah. That’s it, mostly, unless they’re my pictures.

Maybe we need some music- Like Joshua James, ferinstance:

01-Coal War

or, click play:


Abbey Riot (with apologies to the entire British Empire)

Not me:

Radio will be back this weekend. Technically, 1 am, Pacific Daylight Savings Time, KBOO, 90.7 fm in Portland, OR; for streaming.  In fact, go there right now. Something good is one, no doubt. Can’t go past here. One more, just one… 

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Mews you can Use

The “Director’s Cut”, not seen in theaters!

Hit the play button to add music.

Starring my foot and our new kitten, Lilith.

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