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Animated gifs and other silliness

I’ll get serious again in a couple days.

If the picture doesn’t animate, click on it. For now:

Non-animated- Mug Shots:

and then there’s this:

Bye for now. I’ll get serious tomorrow. Probably. Maybe.

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Nothing but silly pictures

Comedy relief day


A & W Reject:

I’m sure this is one that has been posted a million times. Still makes me laugh. Exams:

Riding the rails:

Strikes a little too close to home:

Not just the owner of Hair Club for Dogs, also a customer:

Cartoonist’s future:

Nice tat:

More interesting than funny:


Not my animation, but good:

Pregnancy helpful tips:

Crack police investigators:

Really unfortunate costumes:

Garfield translated:

Mower is less:


The last cartoon:

I just love this picture:


Pro wrestling is not fake:



Andromeda- Visible to x-ray and back:

Americas funniest head injuries:

Bicycle Beach:                                                                        Curious Kitty:

Kitten metaphysics:

Hey! My son has posted some new pictures on his blog, Better Bees than Nears! Here is a sample:

Bye for now- have a good weekend.


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